Skin Bleaching Cream Warning

And a Safe, Natural Alternative Cream that isĀ GuaranteedĀ to Work!

skin-bleaching-cream warningSkin Bleaching Cream is used by millions of people to lighten skin, correct uneven pigmentation, and fade dark spots.

If you are not using a natural skin bleaching cream, but a cheap chemical based one, please read this warning.

The majority of the chemical based products use hydroquinone or BHA as the active ingredient in their formula. Here I tell you why you should avoid products with this chemical and I suggest a great natural skin bleaching cream.

The Dangers of Hydroquinone

The EU has banned this chemical for use in any skin bleaching cream that is left on the skin.

They deemed hydroquinone unsafe for the following reasons:

  • Hydroquinone increases the risk of developing skin cancer from sun exposure.
  • It also is linked to causing cancer directly.
  • It can harm the reproductive system.
  • Hydroquinone damages the immune system.
  • It interferes with the way hormones work.
  • It damages the central nervous system.

The U.S. Cosmetics Ingredient Review Panel states the following…..

Hydroquinone is unsafe for use in products that are left on the skin, but due to lax enforcement, directions for skin lightening products containing hydroquinone encourage frequent and consistent use on the skin.

Therefore, you are putting yourself at risk every time you apply the hydroquinone based skin bleaching cream and leave it on your skin for a period of time.

More About Featured Natural Skin Bleaching Cream Alternative

Luckily, there is more than one way to lighten the skin and correct skin pigmentation problems. There are safe, natural creams that can be made from common, everyday products.

Meladerm Advanced Skin Bleaching Cream is a great all natural and affordable whitening system and has helped 1000’s with their skin pigmentation issues.

Not only are this bleaching cream free from the harmful effects of hydroquinone, but it is actually good for your skin and body. Not to mention, cost-effective!

Don’t put your skin and body at risk any longer from dangerous chemicals, but instead, choose natural methods that are just as effective and a skin bleaching cream you can feel good about putting on your face and body.