Melasma Causes and Best Treatment for Patchy Brown Skin


Common Melasma

Here I discuss Melasma causes and what I feel is the best treatment for this skin disorder.

It is estimated that around six million women world-wide have some form of Melasma on their faces or bodies.

It occurs most often during a woman’s reproductive years and can be damaging to her self-esteem.

Melasma Causes

Melasma is usually caused by the sun, hormones in birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy, medications and pregnancy. When Melasma is caused by pregnancy it is called chloasma.

In some women, when the skin is exposed to sunlight, brown blotches of excess pigment form due to the interaction with hormones or chemicals. Melasma is believed to be hereditary and woman with darker skin tones tend to be more at risk for this disorder.

The Best Treatment for Melasma

If you are prone to getting melasma, you should first avoid sun exposure and use a good sunscreen. By keeping the skin out of the sun you can prevent new brown patches from developing.

melasma treatmentHowever, this won’t take care of the melasma that has already formed. For this I recommend women use a high quality natural skin lightener like Meladerm.

This product was specifically designed for treating Melasma naturally and effectively. In fact, it worked so well as the best treatment for melasma that many women use it for ALL their skin lightening needs.

Meladerm has 10 all natural whiteners, which is more than any other product on the market. The cream is easy to apply and dries invisibly with a fresh scent.

Another reason Meladerm is the best treatment for melasma is because it doesn’t contain hydroquinone, which is harmful to your skin and body.

Here’s what one melasma sufferer has to say about this solution.

I just wanted to say how incredibly grateful I am to the Civant Team. Three years ago the doctor put me on the pill for Endometriosis and my face exploded with Melasma. I had it all over my forehead and both cheeks. It was so dark that even three layers of makeup could not cover it up. Being in my late twenties and single this severely affected my life and I cried a lot. I would not even allow photos to be taken of me. Then I found Meladerm and after only three months I could cover the melasma with makeup! And after almost a year I can now wear a tinted moisturizer (with SPF 30+ of course). And this is even through the Australian Summers! Please- anyone who has this awful problem- please try Meladerm and make sure you do use it twice a day too! It is simply amazing and really does work- I wish I had taken photo’s of before so I could really highlight how severe this was and how inconsequential it now is! Thank you so very much 🙂 -Eviva

My heart goes out to all the women that are plagued with this skin disorder and I’m glad that I can offer a solution that works. Meladerm truly is the best treatment for melasma.


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